Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent JNAC Survey, in which we asked you to identify some key skills and competencies you would like to see in a new minister. We have gathered all the data and have now completed the work of the JNAC. We can confirm, following the approval of the congregation at our Annual Meeting, we will be moving forward to get approval from Halton Presbytery to Call a new minister to Cooksville. The report we will be submitting to Halton Presbytery is 25 pages long. We have summarized its contents in an Executive Summary, which is included as an attachment to The Contact. The full report and survey will be available on our website starting Monday, March 6, 2017, following the Annual Meeting. JNAC – Terrence Balliram (Chair), Rey Agaloos (Vice Chair), Joy Tappenden, Carol Erwin, Keith Smith, Mike Harris, Sunil Pathe, Victor Clark, Dale Skinner (Halton Presbytery Representative) and Paul Norris.

JNAC Executive Summary Report

JNAC Report

JNAC Survey Results